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Opportunities in Creating a Great Media Piece!

There are so many amazing producers and amazing media production companies in Vancouver. The film industry draws a lot of producers to this area. Maybe other cities have a lot more opportunity as demand for media production companies is rising quickly.

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In Vancouver, we certainly have our competition!

A lot of consumers and marketers can get lost in the variety of styles and potential producers in this market. I see a lot of referral marketing and marketers quickly taking recommendations as a shortcut to building trust in any media production companies.

Media Production Company, Making Amazing Projects

So what are you going to do if you need an amazing project?… And you have a boss and all the leadership waiting for you to generate an amazing media production.

Here’s an article about Video Editing:

Whenever we go about hiring and selecting great filmmakers to work with for the long-term,  here is a bit about our process. 

  • Create a job posting
  • Advertise on social
  • Drive a large viewership to the posting
  • Reach out to hundreds of past contacts and ask for recommendations
  • Check anyone’s availability who might potentially be a fit
  • Spreadsheet all contacts, responses and anyone else who gets in touch
  • Organize them up with a status indicator based on the quality of fit
  • Wait for all the applications to come in
  • Finish the review and shortlist your favorite
  • Have a quick 15-minute chat with each person
  • Select 5 or 10 people who you’re looking forward to working with
  • Give them a small test which would normally take a day or two
  • Select the top and best candidate
  • Find as much work as possible to keep them busy with you!

This simple process looks something like a funnel. It is here that you will have a massive reach out and a bunch of research. Additionally, there is a slow selecting and grading process as you whittle people down to potentials. Then, conduct a small test.

Although, this type of process might take a couple weeks to be fully complete, however, you will find a great producer. Somebody who you can connect with and can’t wait to collaborate with on any project you think up.

Video and Media Production Companies are Becoming a lot more like Event Production Companies.

I also get the feeling the entire industry is going towards a solo-producer model as camera and technology is being brought to the hands of the consumer. The ability to make a great video is no longer about the technology but more about the production elements.

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Any great media production companies has some of the following elements.

  • A vision, mission or great story
  • Beautiful, unique or amazing talent
  • People doing something
  • Compelling or unique locations

Furthermore, we do high-quality commercial productions. Often, we are casting and sourcing great talent and getting them to do cool things in interesting locations. 

This type of branded content supports the vision and mission of a media production company.

Taking it to the Next Level

I have been asked a few times to go internal when it comes to working in a media production company and producing projects. In fact, there is always the opportunity to work full time and just produce projects nonstop. 

Another amazing article here:

I love it when clients enroll me in their amazing vision. In fact, it’s really cool to hear a company owner, director or CEO as they described an exciting idea or result. Taking this to the next level and turning it into video languages is a fun challenge. 

All of our media productions are described in detail in our production book document. This allows the client to review our progress and development. This is an important part of the process. It is where we create a visual mosaic on paper for the stakeholders and team members.

As a matter of fact, this is the type of Industry a producer can get lost in. If you go too deep, you will start to believe your methods are accurate. 

Constant Changes in the Video Production Landscape

Creating effects, graphics and great visuals is an advanced practice. Which takes a lot of training without comes centered around a compelling vision. Which any of media production companies must master this.

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Nobody is looking to be sold, rather education and information marketing is the way to engage your viewer and connect on a topic. Also selling is becoming less and less relevant as consumers become more aware of their needs and advertising is more specific.

I worked really hard to sell clients the benefits we offer. Whether it’s our guarantee, amazing cinematography, 4K final renders or one-on-one collaboration. People loved our production and corporate projects such as brand videos, sizzle reels, training videos, videos for web and a variety of visual effects and working with talents or voice overs.

Different Media Production Approach

There are so many different approaches to media production company and creating something extraordinary. Which a client is excited to share takes a personable approach. Where you work directly one on one as a project manager or ‘filmmaker’. Which is a multi-discipline approach.

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There should be a dedicated account manager and full transparency on the media production company. Also everything needs to be on paper and the plan needs to be reviewed and approved so everything hits the timeline, outcomes and budget.

Furthermore Create your video content with a specific purpose and gauge your viewer to drive them into your digital marketing funnel. Lastly use a data-driven strategy to measure those outcomes and accomplish the goals, video is a great opportunity to differentiate you from the competition.

I hope to hear from you, please contact us today and let’s do a discovery session. Dive deep on a high-quality plan to get great results!

About the Author

Colter Ripley is the Executive Producer for Red+Ripley and a Video Producer. 

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We’ve been producing videos for over 18 years after winning film festivals nearly two-decades ago. 

Colter is also certified in digital film with a specialization in cinematography. Moreover, he has a multimedia diploma and handles project management as a certified business coach.

His also main focus is a collaborative and custom video production which guarantees lots of customer service and the final product clients are excited to share!

So if you’re looking at working with a great producer for animated explainer video and media production company, definitely give us a call or fire us an email. We’ve been doing this for so many years it’s pretty easy to quickly help.

Email us to discuss your production!

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